Last Chance to Donate in 2010
Boy and girl doing plant restoration work in field

You can play a part in protecting, restoring, and fostering appreciation of the wetlands with your donation. Donations dated and mailed by December 31st can be counted in this year's charitable contributions on your income tax return. Contribute online here, or mail your donation to WWW, P.O. Box 1239, Freedom, CA 95019. Contributions help us educate more citizens to value the wetlands, and are tax-deductible in accordance with IRS rules for non-profit organizations. They are greatly appreciated.

Wetland Stewards Teach Others
Wetland Steward Works with Younger Students in Lab The Wetland Stewards have completed their second session of teaching about wetlands and aquatic invertebrates in four elementary schools of Watsonville. All six stewards have become quite knowledgeable about the sloughs. A number of the stewards are specializing in areas of wetlands education such as birds, plants, or reptiles of the wetlands. Read more.
Students Take to the Fields
High School Students in 'Outdoor Classroom'It was a crisp, clear fall morning in south Santa Cruz County-the kind that shouts “Come outside!” Standing in a freshly-plowed field between neighboring crops of strawberries and dense wetland vegetation, volunteers, docents, and staff from the Resource Conservation District of Santa Cruz County (RCDSCC) and the Watch welcomed 28 students from Pajaro Valley High School. The students came to help restore the habitat with native plants as part of the Middle Watsonville Slough Restoration Project. While state budget problems have affected extracurricular activities and field trips, a grant awarded to the RCD is allowing kids to get out of the classroom and into the field—literally. Learn more.
Outreach Effort Piques Business Interest
Cartoon of people in meetingIn response to the wetlands tour sponsored by the Business Outreach Committee (BOC) in November, several businesses have expressed interest in learning more about the wetlands and potentially providing some form of support. BOC members Debbie Diersch, Lou Rose, and Jon Butah have been in contact with local business leaders who would like to also involve some of their colleagues. Many thanks to the BOC for their fruitful efforts to involve the business community in support of WWW and the wetlands! To learn more, contact Debbie at
Watsonville Wetlands Watch advocates for wetland issues, educates elementary, middle, and high school students, restores degraded habitats, preserves what remains whole, and teaches appreciation for the unique beauty and life of the Pajaro Valley wetlands. In cooperation with numerous other agencies, we support studies of and planning for these sites.