One Quarter Down

By Samantha Patino

Wetland Stewards Outdoor Group PhotoMay of this year, I applied to become a Wetland Steward intern for my approaching senior year. I really wasn’t confident that I'd get the internship. I remember the day that I decided I hadn’t gotten the interview turned out to be the very day I got the phone call. I came in for an interview, and remember thinking as I left “I sooo didn’t get it.” Despite my negativity, I was wrong.

A week before school started I went in for a week-long training. A lot was jam packed into that week, I learned about inquiry, plants, animals, and also got to meet my new co-workers.

I started working at Ann Soldo elementary every Wednesday, along with 2 other interns. It was harder than I thought the first day. Kids didn’t listen just because you asked them to. However, that look on their face when they find what you are teaching them interesting is amazing. I felt as though everything Adrienne was teaching me was sinking into their minds. Everything I cared about was something they were starting to care about.

Throughout this quarter I feel like I grew as a person. I have more patience not only for my students, but for people in general. I learned how to read the kids better, and what discipline techniques worked more effectively. I was also fortunate to have the company of my amazing co-workers. Each of them made the quarter not only a great working environment, they made it fun.

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