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February 2017
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Are Changing Climate Patterns Impacting the Wetlands?
Presentation: The Fascinating Honeybee
Welcome New Board of Directors Members
Saturday Community Restoration
We Met the Challenge!
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Are Changing Climate Patterns
Impacting the Wetlands?

 Newly planted Santa Barbara sedge (Carex barbarae) next to rain-filled slough

The stormy weather and heavy rains in California have made recent headlines. Here in Watsonville, the sloughs are full and in years like this, the importance of a healthy and functioning wetland becomes clear, especially with regards to flood protection. The high waters also remind us of the impacts that climate change and higher sea levels may bring.
This year the Watsonville Wetlands Watch restoration staff has been working on a climate adaptation grant to look at ways to prepare parts of the freshwater slough system to adapt to the impacts of changing climate patterns and sea level. Also, we began planting key areas of the Watsonville Slough Ecological Reserve with various native plants that have differing levels of salt tolerance, and monitoring the sites to see how well these species adapt to changes in salinity in the slough system. In December, we planted these plant species along the West Branch of Struve Slough with the Wetland Stewards high school interns and PVUSD middle and elementary school groups.
Be sure to come out on one of our upcoming volunteer days and be a part of this important work that is keeping the wetlands healthy and functioning.
Presentation: The Fascinating Honeybee
Allison Gong working with her honeybees
Bees are ingenious creatures that are vital to the survival of many species on the planet, including human beings. With the serious decline of bee populations, it is time to take a close look at the fascinating life and needs of bees.
On Tuesday, March 28, local beekeeper and CSUMB and Cabrillo College Biology Instructor Allison Gong will discuss the biology of honey bees, pollination ecology, and threats to pollinators. She and her husband have been keeping bees in Santa Cruz since 2010.

This talk, hosted by the Watsonville Wetlands Watch, is from 6:30 to 9 p.m. at the Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center. Click for map/directions. Admission is free but you must reserve a seat online by clicking here. For more information, contact Kathy Fiebering at 831-345-1226 or kathy@watsonvillewetlandswatch.org
 Welcome Our New
Board of Directors Members

We are pleased to announce the election of Teresa Delfino and Dawn Reis to the Watsonville Wetlands Watch Board of Directors.
Teresa Delfino has over twenty-five years of experience in administration and finance in a variety of industries including water management, agriculture, real estate development, and sustainable seafood. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics with an emphasis in Business Administration from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

Teresa currently manages the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency's fiscal and administrative functions, including human resources, accounting, budget development, expense planning and control, safety and risk management, and grants. She is excited about being part of Watsonville Wetlands Watch and all the great work being done for our community.

Teresa Delfino (top)
and Dawn Reis
Dawn Reis is a versatile biologist with over 20 years of experience working on aquatic systems and wildlife population studies in California. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Wildlife Biology from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a Master of Science in Aquatic and Conservation Biology from San Jose State University. She has held a number of positions as a teacher of environmental education and as a wildlife and aquatic ecologist.

She owns Dawn Reis Ecological Studies in Carmel Valley where she serves as Senior Wildlife and Aquatic Ecologist, managing projects focusing on special-status amphibians, reptiles, fish, birds, mammals and invertebrates.
Teresa and Dawn bring tremendous knowledge and experience to our hard-working and passionate Board of Directors. We look forward to their leadership in the years to come. Please join us in welcoming these accomplished individuals to our Board!

Saturday Community Restoration

Children at Restoration

 Young volunteers having fun

while helping to restore our wetlands

We invite you to help restore wetland habitat by planting native plants and removing exotic invasive plants as part of monthly community work day on Saturday, February 25th.
We will work from 9 a.m. to noon, and we always make time for birding or a short hike around the wetlands. We supply the gloves, tools, and yummy snacks.

Meet at our Fitz Wetlands Educational Resource Center (map/directions). If you have questions, please contact Mary Paul at mary@watsonvillewetlandswatch.org or 831-566-4938.


We Met the Challenge!

Thanks to you, our generous supporters, we met the Pat Fitz 2016 Year-End Appeal challenge match! Pat's challenge match of $10,000 was actually exceeded through the generous donations so many of you made to the Watsonville Wetlands Watch.
Your donations allow us to continue our work of restoring the Watsonville Wetlands with plants nurtured in our own nursery, providing critical nesting and foraging habitat for resident and migratory birds and animals.
It also supports our mission to develop and deliver new educational programing, engaging more than 2,500 students and hundreds of community members in wetlands ecology, hands-on restoration, green careers, mentorship, and peer-to-peer learning.
We are so grateful to our donors who helped us exceed the $10,000 challenge-match goal!
We are honored that you have entrusted us with the means to continue to support our organization, the wetlands, and the community we all love!
As we move into 2017, we look forward to sharing many wonderful activities with you and saying thank you in person. 

Very special thanks goes to Pat Fitz for making the challenge match possible!

Be My Valentine




February 14th is
Valentine's Day!
It is a very special day to celebrate those you love.  This year, we invite you to honor your loved ones with a special tribute gift to The Watsonville Wetlands Watch dedicated to the ones you love.

Your extra special gift on Valentine's Day will not only inspire your loved ones, but will also show your love and support for our precious wetlands, nature, and our community.

Share the love by clicking here and don't forget to dedicate your gift! Your loved one will receive a special note if you do.

Thank you!
Watsonville Wetlands Watch advocates for wetland issues, educates elementary, middle, and high school students, restores degraded habitats, preserves what remains whole, and teaches appreciation for the unique beauty and life of the Pajaro Valley wetlands. In cooperation with numerous other agencies, we support studies of and planning for these sites.

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