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teaching wall 01The following displays are available at the WERC Visitor Center for teachers, students, and community members. These can serve as valuable educational resources for visiting classes, teacher trainings, or community workshops.


Educational “teaching wall” with detailed depictions of wetland flora and fauna and a key in English, Spanish, and Latin. The different parts of the display are as follows:


  • “Hidden in the Grass” – an exploration of the coastal prairie ecosystem
  • “Mating in the Marsh” – a look at wetland courting rituals
  • “Against all Odds, New Generations Thrive” – birth and development of wetland fauna
  • “In Nature’s Cafeteria, Everybody is on the Menu” – a look at the wetland food web
  • “Murder in the Meadow” – a nocturnal view of the wetlands


werc visitor centerteaching wall 03“Shaping our Wetland Environment” This temporary display focuses on human interaction with the wetlands. Topics include:


  • Why wetlands are important to us
  • How wetlands support plants and wildlife
  • What is Ecological Restoration?
  • “What We Do” – a look at Watsonville Wetlands Watch restoration programs and opportunities to get involved.


Plants of the Watsonville Wetlands and Grasslands

Display of 14 freshly picked flowering plants and grasses collected by staff and volunteers from areas surrounding the Fitz WERC.

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